New Artist – Rex Hausmann

As part of our services at Hava Studios we also represent artists and provide artwork. Rex Hausmann is a young and talented artist, making waves both in the US and abroad. He has a strong resume of exhibitions and press including shows
at the Venice Biennale and the Smithsonian Museum.

Rex does not just paint and produce art, he lives it…and you can see the results.
His maximalist approach combined with creative spelling, and rich luscious paint mix together in a potpourri of bold, edgy and beautiful that begs to be visually eaten. Amazingly aware of Art History, but without apologies for his own view, this artist who quite possibly one day will be included as part of the history itself.

Here are a few images of his work. If you are interested in seeing more of his
work, or would like to purchase one of these paintings, please contact Darin at
785.842.2216 or email .

Image Courtesy of Hava Studios and Artist ©2011

Image Courtesy of Hava Studios and Artist ©2011

All content ©2011 Hava Studios